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Lu Di Hè - Bio
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     Ms. Lu Di Hè is currently a member of the Shanghai Musicians’ Association – Gu-Zheng Special Division. From early age on, Lu Di has studied piano, accordion, violin, and later has specialized in gu zheng. She has received rigorous training and careful guidance from such well-known elder generation Chinese gu zheng artists as Zhang Cao from Beijing, Xiande Li, Ling Guo, Wenyan Sun, and Xuejun Guo from Shanghai.

     Lu Di was hired as the long-term gu zheng player by the Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. She was also selected as the only solo gu zheng player for important foreign affairs reception events in Shanghai. Lu Di has performed for the following top officials:

  • Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton and his family - June, 1998

  • Current U.S. President, George W. Bush - Oct. 2001

  • Former U.S. President, George H. W. Bush - May 7, 2002

  • Former German Chancellor, Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker - Oct. 25, 2002

  • The King and Queen of Nepal and their guards

     Lu Di received very high compliments from these top officials and took thank you photos with George H.W. Bush and had his autograph. Her accomplishments were recognized and appreciated by the Mayor of Shanghai as well as the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Shanghai city government.

     Lu Di has actively devoted herself to promoting the gu zheng – one of the most ancient Chinese traditional music instruments. It is a plucked string instrument that is part of the zither family. Lu Di has delicately merged the rhythms of the classic music and popular music, enabling the gu zheng melodies to convey the elegance and nobility of the Chinese imperial music as well as the romance and freshness of modern music. Lu Di puts her heart and soul into the strings to make every note enchanting.

     The appeal of the gu zheng, as compared to the classical Western harp, has transcended language and cultural barriers. After personally seeing and listening to the Chinese imperial music piece “Snow in Sunny Spring”, performed by a modern artist on an instrument with a two thousand year lineage, many of those who never enjoyed music know that they’ll never forget such an experience.

     Lu Di has taught gu zheng to foreign exchange students at the Shanghai Foreign Languages Institute, and also at such art schools as “Golden Palm,” “Golden Apple, “and “Hollywood” in Shanghai. She is also a loving and inspiring instructor. During 2002, Lu Di gave seminars to American MBA students at Shanghai Jiaotong University on the Chinese gu zheng and music culture. Combining lecturing with performing, she won the love and compliments of the American students.
     After arriving in Phoenix, AZ in December of 2004, Lu Di adapted church hymns for gu zheng performance. As a Christian, she has used this unique method to spread the love of God. During the 2005 Chinese New Year celebration at the Chinese Cultural Center, Lu Di offered her talent with Chinese gu zheng music to the audience. Lu Di has also adapted many world-known songs into gu zheng melodies. Through her music, you will know the true Lu Di as well as the delicacy and the power of Chinese gu zheng.

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